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From the Canada Glass Co.Ltd. Hudson ,Quebec.

While there has been a gut feeling by many collectors that one of the Victory jars was Canadian, it has been never shown to be true.    
Now listed as Red Book 2888 . It has a strong or high shoulder , no base patents and most importantly no indent in the threads. The U.S. ones have both.
Now for the facts, some of the Quebec notary records are not searchable because there is no list register from that notary. This is the case with William Anderson Philips , yet his actual documents can be gone through , 77,000 + pages. I started in Dec. 1869 looking for another name for the write up on the Canada Glass Co. Ltd. at Hudson . By the time I got to July 7th 1870 , I was bored and then that changed. Document # 3289 was a protest by Darling & Jordan  (wholesale merchants of glass and china etc.) against the Canada Glass Co. Ltd.  There had been a contract signed  on Dec. 23rd 1869 for 300 gross ( 43,200 jars ) VICTORY jars made as shown by a sample at the CG Co's office in Montreal. The Quart jars were to be in green glass ( aqua ) and the lids in flint ( clear ) to be delivered 200 gross by May 15th 1870 and 100 gross by July 1st.

 About 100 gross (14,000) of the jars were delivered late and after shipping them to the small stores for sale to the public Darling & Jordan were getting them shipped back to them . Some jars were unable to have the lids placed on properly and as a extra complaint there was no indent ( used for getting the lid off easily)   
CG Co was to pay for all costs incurred including storage of the jars that were returned till CG Co. picked them up. I am sure they let their retail store customers know that they could return all that were returned to them . They also demanded that CG Co complete the contract . It is unknown the outcome of that .
There must have been some women that kept theirs as not all jars had lids that didn't fit. So there should be quite a few if one can find one. I didn't bid on one years back on ebay but saved the pic's and put likely Canadian as a caption. Wish I had known then !!
 What seemed to be the problem was that the lip of the jars were not ground down enough to get the lids to seat , even with the gasket.  As for the indent , the sample shown to Darling was likely an original Victory from the U.S.  as he say's the sample shown had one . If the CG Co's mould had had a indent they would have all had one .    

Below are pic's with no base patent , and the vent can't be seen on either side.

canadian victory fruit jar 1870

Below is a pic of one with a very tall lip that even a lid from the U.S. type with a tall profile would not fit correctly. Note also there is no indent.

canadian victory fruit jar 180
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