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                                                     THE GLASS OF VAUDREUIL CANADA EAST

OTTAWA GLASS COMPANY (2 different)    Lot 11       and      BRITISH AMERICAN GLASS WORKS   Lot 11

 and the CANADIEN GLASS WORKS   Lot 19

Through the years I left these Glass Works as being well documented. Yet like in all things , what I accepted needed a new look . While the first research done by Robert Lionel Seguin in 1955 " La Verrerie du haut de Vaudreuil " and later added to by John Beswarick Thompson 1973 " The Glass Industry Of Vaudreuil County " was a beginning .                                          I credit these writers as it must have been a truly impossible task.                                                                                          So much more came from a modern look at the subject. In future more fine tuning could be done but this should be a very complete search due to modern online sources.                                                                                                                       A special thanks to all of the Quebec sites that have put so much online. 

It is important to say that from 1845 to 1858 the first group of glass works have to do with lot 11 . At first this area was referred to as ( Pointe ) Cavagnol later the area around the works had a post office and it became village of Ottawa Glass Works  1854-1860 .  Then it became the Como post office .

After Lot 11, we put forward the info on the other glass works on lot 19 .  

 The last look will be the Canada Glass Co. Ltd. 1864 to 1876 ? At the village of Hudson . This is the works that caused the confusion with Canada Glass Works in St Johns C.E.


MASSON & Cie. 1845 - 1847 ... LOT 11

This time period will be a over-view of the work done by Seguin &Thompson.

Sept 24th 1845 there was a co-partnership between Damase Masson , Francois Xavier Desjardins , Francois Coste & Jules Brady , to make Glass in Vaudreuil.

Dec 16th 1845 , F.X. Desjardins left the partnership.  As he owned the land on which the factory was to be built he was to receive 12 pounds per year as rent. On the same date J Beaudry replaced him. These partners didn't get along and by Jan 21 - 22 they were in conflict.   This land was on lot 11 , Thompson shows this with land registry documents as Desjardins having bought it for 300 pounds in 1845  . He has a Goulding or Golden on lot 10 but it was Richard & Elizabeth Gowling in the registers and deeds.

Jan. 21st 1847 Coste is removed from the group. 

March 9th 1847 Masson & Beaudry sold their shares to Stewart Derbishire , this left him and Brady . At this point the whole project was in the making. Tools etc still in Montreal , the buildings were still being built.

March 23rd 1847, Derbishire made it a joint stock company. He owned 20 shares Brady 10 and the other 30 shares were to be sold at 100 pounds each.


DERBISHIRE & DESBARATES 1847 - 1850 ... LOT 11 
Aug 1847 Brady was gone and George Desbarates was the major share holder . Derbishire & Desbarats were working together as Queen's Printers in Montreal.  At this time it seems they brought in Peter J Byrnes formerly of a Glass Works in St. Helen's England ( possibly the Union Plate Glass Co. )

Oct 22nd 1847 news article in the Weekly Pilot tells of a new glass works in Vaudreuil.  

vaudreuil glass

Nov 19th 1847 in the Montreal Gazette says, Lord Elgin saw items made at the works.

Sept 26th 1848 An ad in the Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette. It ran until early 1849. A French version of this ad ran starting in Mar. 10th 1848 in the La Revue Canadienne . On Left

Also an ad Feb 18th 1848 from the Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette On right

Montreal Directory for 1848 Bottom Center

ottawa glass company vaudreuil
ottawa glass company vaudreuil

In the Montreal Directory of 1849 it is not mentioned .

Dec 20th 1849 Derbishire sold out to Desbarates. 

Partnershp dissolved - Below is from the Canada gazette. 

4- canada gaz.jpg


From here on we add new info to what was already written..

We will deal with the Boden & Hochmuth venture on lot 19 later in this post.

This is a portion of  the Seigniory of Vaudreuil, Crown Land Department  Quebec map , March 10th 1853


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BODEN & LEBERT 1850 - 1851 ... LOT 11

 The ad below is from the Montreal Herald Jan 1st 1850, the sale was pending.

5- 1851 jan 1 mdcg article ottawa.jpg

Jan 18th 1850 Notary record # 4634  

Desbarates sold the rights to the Ottawa Glass Works to Frederick Charles Boden & Jean Baptiste Lebert. Hotel owners from Montreal for 1500 pounds this did not include the land. They rent from Desjardins at 12 pounds per year.

This is a translated version of an ad in the Journal De'Agriculture running from Jan till late 1851.                                            Notice the offering of coloured or painted glass.

6 ad.jpg

This also ran in 1850 Montreal Directory.

ottawa glass works boden and lebert

From the Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette Mar 21st 1850.

ottawa glass works bodn and lebert


PETER J BYRNES 1851 - 1852 ... LOT 11
Peter Byrnes was working there still, and on June 20th 1851 he took a lease on the works.  While Boden & Lebert bought it earlier it seems they also lost it and Desbarates was left sole owner again.

Montreal Gazette June 20th 1851.

9- 1851 june 20 Peter Byrnes first

June 21st 1851 Montreal Gazette Panton & Co. Agents

10-1851 june 21 MTL GAZ article O glass.

Oct 1st 1851 Montreal Gazette . Le Mesurier , Routh & Co. Agents.

11- 1851 oct 1 MTL GAZ - article routh s

Oct 11th 1851 Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette, this ran for about 18 months. 

12- 1853 may 20 mdcg ottawa.jpg

Sept 4th 1852 Notary record # 9618

 An agreement between Desbarates and Byrnes ending a legal battle over the works. Byrnes gets 1075 pounds and signs off ,   Desbarates gets the works back and the accounts receivable and debts are his also.                                               From this point Peter is no longer with the works , this gives P J Byrnes aprox 14 months as having leased the works. 


OTTAWA GLASS COMPANY 1852 - 1855 - 6 ? ... LOT 11

Sept 7th 1852 Land record # 5595

shows that a new group leased the works and this must have played a large part in Desbarates settling with Byrnes.         This new group was again listed as the Ottawa Glass Company it was not associated with the Ottawa Glass Company of 1847 - 49 . It was composed of workers listed in the 1851 census. Jacob LaGrange glassblower , Thomas Dowing , John Davis , Samuel Jones glass cutter , John Marks  , George Downing glass cutter , Henry Cole , Andrew Ely , W S Van Aman , H Hutchins book keeper , Thomas Batten glass flattner , Charles Batten glass cutter , John Candlish glass cutter .

Below is a clip of Jacob Lagrange asking Parliament to increase tariffs on glass. Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette Oct 18th 1852

13- 1852 oct 18 MDHG -lagrange.jpg

Below is a clip is from Jan 13th 1853. Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette, ad started Nov. 4th 1852. Note that Wm. Van Aman is manager at this point

14- 1853 jan 13 mdcg ottawa announcement

The clip below is from the Montreal Directory 1853 showing the agent has not changed.


Below , Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette showing William Van Aman is no longer manager since July 28th 1853.

16 1853 Aug 3 MDHG No More AMAN.jpg

This ad in the Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette Jan 4th 1855 it first ran July 24th 1854. This is the last ad for these agents. Sorry for the bad scan , whoever scanned the papers at the Archives Canada did a terrible job.

17- 1855 jan 5 MDHG Routh AD since july

Here we found a new agent taking over to sell Canada Glass. ( CANADA being Canadian made. ) March 7th 1855 . LEFT

As of May 22nd they ran this ad. till Aug 6th 1855 . RIGHT

18- 1855 march 7 MDHG -first holland.jpg
19-1855 june MDHG -holland new ad as far

By Aug 6th Philip Holland had passed away being replaced by J H Winn

20- 1855 aug 6 death holland.jpg

On Sept 26th 1855 the Montreal Herald & Daily Commercial Gazette ran this of the clearing up of left over stock from Philip Holland. 
This is the last time CANADA window glass is mentioned. J H Winn did not offer Canada glass in his next ads. We found no other Agent taking over the WINDOW  glass sales.
 This however does not mean the Ottawa Glass Company ( Ottawa Glass Works ) had ended .                                           As in our look at Canada Glass Works of St Johns Canada East we find that the other products continued on a lesser scale after the window glass stopped production.

Ad of the 28th Sept to finish the Canada made glass.  

21-1855 sept 26 -Auction Canada glass wi

We feel from a study of George Desbarates that he didn't like the works empty for long that this era ended about the late fall of 1856.


            PRODUCTS INDICATED BY INSULATORS                                                                                                             OTTAWA GLASS WORKS . POINTE CAVAGNAL CANADA EAST          LOT 11

The products of the very early glass works can be seen in the threadless telegraph insulators they produced.
The colour of the normal glass used at the early glass works can sometimes help in identifying where an item was made, but in most instances many other factors must line up as well. In the case of the early Quebec works both Canada Glass Works at St Johns and these Vaudreuil County both used sand & minerals from the Vaudreuil area . 

While the Canada Glass Works at St. Johns had the Montreal Telegraph as a constant contract , these works at Vaudreuil did not . They supplied smaller Telegraph companies and rail roads as they needed dispatch lines. So instead of large batches of glass made specifically for insulators they would use extra glass from other orders of bottles etc. They would stock pile them until an order came in , so the insulators were for the most part of many coulors of glass .

NOTE . CD # for designating insulators is a modern term that classes them for collectors by design and size. 

* One thing of note is that there is only one press at this works. *

 The first CD 718 was made  about 1851, I believe this mould was made by E .Dupont . The slight curve leaving a line just above the upper wire ridge is similar to the CD 740.1 . These insulators were made at the Ottawa Glass Works at Pointe Cavagnol C.E.  This works went through several ownership changes from 1847 to 1857 The main production was from 1851-1855-6 . The skirt on this insulator gets shorter as time goes on till about 1853 when a plate is added to the base of the mould making the skirt longer. These came in aqua's , green,  blue ,  gray , and purple in many shades , also root beer amber as well as cranberry red. These colours came from the left over glass when medicines and church objects were made by this works.


There is an odd variant that  must be mentioned here. It seems to be slightly earlier and a small number have been found in southern Ontario that are certainly a Canadian mould. It has a taller dome and seems to have been short lived as the second mould remains for the rest of production of the 718's. 

 PICTURE  BELOW on left is the seldom found mould and on right is the second common mould.

718 - No Embossing Canada - Mold Style D

Below example of a fresh mould of the second  common variant

cd 718 threadless insulator

Skirt became shorter after time and a plate was added making a band at bottom .

cd 718 threadless insulator


BRITISH AMERICAN GLASS WORKS 1857 - 1858                 
 LOT 11

Land register # 8006 May 16th 1857 . This document is very hard to read so a good copy of it can be found in   
Notary Record # 3807 . George Desbarates is selling the rights to the Ottawa Glass Works including all utensils & materials for $4000. note this is the first time it is sold in dollars rather than pounds.                                                                         

First payment due one year from this date. Insurance must be put on the buildings and the payout if there is a fire goes to George Desbarates , till the full mortgage is paid off. 

The purchasers are Henry W Jones from New York , Willam M Barclay New York & John Dickson of Montreal ( extra research has him as a tavern keeper . He is not listed in the Montreal Directories but there is a William Dickson listed so it must have been with a family member )
Henry Jones was a bottle producer not a window glass manufacturer . That was to be the purpose of this works.

The next two clips are from the 1857 - 58 Lovell's Canada Directory

british american glass works

Henry Jones News ad from New York

henry jones ad.jpg

Insurance was put on June 3rd 1857 but not in effect till 3 months later . So by Sept 3rd it is  in effect and can start making  glass.
In a letter in Thompson's article a young woman Annie Cameron living in the village of Ottawa Glass Works in 1857 Aug 25th states . They are going to start blowing next month ( Sept ) She say's they are a new group and all from the U.S.

Oct 20th 1857 Henry W Jones withdraws from ownership of all interests in the works. It is not known if he remained as a manager.
This article from the Journal De Quebec printed Wednesday May 12th 1858 shows there was a fire the Thursday before so it would have been May 6th . It claims the insurance had ran out the day before. This is incorrect as the insurance was paid. . 


 Notary Document # 3807 shows May the 5th 1858 the property was turned back over to G. Desbarates .                              John Dickson signed for Henry Jones & William Barclay . 

Notary # 4323 Desbarates is in conflict with the insurance and tells them that he is the owner and should be the recipient of the insurance money . He puts forward the Notary document #3807 as to Jones Dickson & Barclay signing off.

They had never even made the first payment which was due May 16th 1858.
In a side note of this document it say's the fire was on or about the 7th of May , so after they had turned the works back over to G Desbarates . We wonder if this was workers who lost their jobs getting even. 


 *Again there is only one press  at this works.*

A Short lived works that lasted from 1857-1858 so just about 1 year. They produced only one insulator 740.7.               These came in a blackglass and green shades , there is a listing for a clear but I have not seen one. I am unsure of the products but Henry Jones in the USA made bottles .  The colour range is quite limited so they would have kept a few main customers making beers and porters . John Dickson of Montreal is listed as a tavern keeper. These insulators have been found on short lines or as replacements , in that time frame . Some are found on lines that were built up to 1860 , that shows the purchasers had received them in advance of the build.

cd 740.7
cd 740.7 threadless insulator

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NOW WE START ON THE OTHER GLASS WORKS

  The  "  CANADIEN GLASS WORKS  "   LOT 19 .

This proposed glass works centers around Henry Hochmoth or Hochmouth , who was also written up as Henry Hackmouth also but the original land documents have him as Henri Acmond a glass blower from France. He started in the area working with his brother Bastien also known as Sebastien for Desbarates & Derbishire at the Ottawa Glass Works.

Land record # 2733 July 24th 1847 , he bought part of lot 19 with a house and a barn and took posession of the house in Oct 1847 and the land in May 1848.      This land was from the Ottawa River to the back of lot 19 but only half the width of the lot so about 1&1/2 acres wide by 30 acres deep. 

In Land records # 2742 & # 3872 the land is listed as Lot 17 . If anyone searches these records you would save time and money by ignoring this number . After a long search we tracked down the owners of the lands around lot 19 it is clear that it was a mistake when it was called lot 17.

Land record # 3467 Jan 11th 1849 ( registered ) George Desbarates pays Henry's mortgage payment that was due. Likely to be worked off at the Ottawa Glass Works . It was 53 pounds 3 shillings 1 pence.

Land record # 3683 April 28th 1849 Bastien receives money from P J Byrnes, book keeper for G Desbarates 20 pounds 15 shillings . Bastien puts up his house on the lot 19 as collateral.

Land record # 3748 , July 24th 1849 , Henry and Bastien Hochmoth enter into a partnership with George Wilhelm Hirsch & F C Boden to manufacture glass at lot 19.

Land record # 3794 Aug 22nd registered , Henry seems to have paid off the land . This as other documents is in French so needs to be translated and many of the Notaries of the day wrote like modern doctors where the writing has to be enlarged to 200 % and is still just chicken scratches

Land record # 3872 Sept 4th 1849. It states that in June 1849 ( note the above document of payment of land ) Frederick Charles Boden sometimes listed as Carl instead of Charles. Gave Henry 300 pounds , with the lot 19 property as collateral. It now has on it 2 houses a barn and a stable as well as a Glass Factory . The insurance policy was signed over to Boden.

Notary record # 1191 , Nov 19th 1849 , this document is where Henry and Jean Baptiste Lebert are hiring workers from the Canada Glass Works of St Johns and promising them the same or better wages as their former workplace. They are to start work Jan 1850 at the new "Canadien Glass Works " in Vaudreuil. The spelling is of a french "Canadien" rather than Canadian. The superintendent is to be Joseph Potvin , glass blower  , there is also Vital Bonneau a glass flattener , and George Spaulding glass cutter for the window glass.

Land record # 3956 Jan 11th 1850 Henry sells part of lot 19 to Boden with the Glass Works on it . It is all on the north side of the road. It is only about 1&3/4 acres at the river and 1&1/2 acres at the road ( arpents French measure )my guess is it is about 3 acres deep. In this Bastien signs off his rights to the land .

Land record # 3957 Jan 11th 1850 Disassociation of partnership between Boden Hochmoth's and Hirsch all sign off rights to Boden , he will take all debts etc.

Land record # 3958 Jan 11th 1850 Debt of 300 pounds  on lot 19 between Henry And Boden is paid off . 

Land record # 4245 July 26th 1850 . Boden and Lebert pay off Bastien's debt to G Desbarates to be paid by work at the Ottawa Glass Works.

 Note that as written up in the above Ottawa Glass Works Boden and Lebert bought that works on Jan 18th 1850 .          The 1851 census has Henry now working at the Ottawa Glass Works.                                                                                This ended the Canadien Glass Works possibly before it produced glass .  I believe Henry made a few batches ,likely black glass as Boden And Lebert were Hotel owners in Montreal.   This could have prompted Derbishire to leave the Ottawa Glass Works at that time , and with a fully operational works available Boden And Lebert moved to lot 11.

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