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These jars have what looks like a twisted rope across the center band of the Crown emblem. I am sure these jars began to be made at Hamilton  when the Diamond Glass Co. took over in 1891.

  PINT.. SQUARE SHOULDER CROWN  ,The style # 3 of my ground lip pint Crowns is the pint made as companion to the Quebec Crown quarts , and by extension the Plain Rope Crown half gallons.

It has 19-18 pearls per side.
While others feel these are made at Montreal , I do not . The glass is like the Rutherford Gem and other Hamilton Glass jars. As well the base and jar form are the same on the pint and the larger sizes.



These get their name from the cloud like patches that are in the main part of the Crown.

 14 left , 15 right . Pearls per side.            No base mark at first, later it receives a underlined 5 , this mould later became the T Eaton  ground lip jar.  The rope twist leans to the right.The N in Crown is 11/16ths inches wide.

Pic on the right is of the 14 - 15 no base mark.

t eaton fruit jar
cloud crown fruit jar

 This is the other Cloud Crown Qt.

16 left , 15 right . No base mark at first , later it gets a V that is 1&1/4 inches tall.  The N on this one is about 5/8ths inches wide. The rope slants right.

cloud crown fruit jar


16 left , 16 right . No base mark . The O in Crown is flattened top and bottom . The rope slants left .
16 left , 16 right . Base 1 . The O in Crown on this one is round . The rope slants Left.

Pic is of the 16 - 16 no base mark .

cloud crown fruit jar



The Christian Crowns get their name from the tiny Cross in the lower leg of the large cross at the top . 

14 left , 14 right .  Base A , it is 5/8ths inches tall and is seen with the jars embossing facing upwards.The rope slants left .
This same jar is later reworked with a large A about 7/8ths tall and is seen in the same way.

Pic is of the small A .

christian crown fruit jar


15 left , 15 right .No base mark . The rope slants left. This jar was reworked and seems different but is not . I took clear box tape and checked the embossings on both . It becomes a .....
14 left , 15 right . The rope still slants left but the pearls around the top of the Crown emblem are moved slightly .As the mould aged the embossing becomes faint , often the pins that go from the pearls to the crown become faint or disappear. So this is the same mould as the previous jar.

Pic is of the 15-15 no base mark.

christian crown fruit jar


These jars have 5 fleur de lis just above the rope band .

15 left , 17 right .No base mark .Rope slants left . The O in Crown is 11/16ths inches wide .
19 left , 18 right . No base mark . Rope slants left . The O in Crown is 3/4 inches wide .

Pic is of the 15-17 no base mark.

quebec crown fruit jar


These jars are actually the companion moulds to the Quart QUEBEC CROWNS above. They though have kept the little bow of the Christian Crowns in place of the center fleur de lis of the Quebec quarts.

17 left , 16 right .  Base 2 . The rope slants left.   The word Crown is 4 & 1/16th inches across. 
15 left , 15 right .   Base 3 .  The rope slants left .  The word Crown is 3 & 3/4 inches across .

.NOTE...There may be one , yet I have never seen a half gallon with the rope slanting right , only the Cloud Crown Quart in both moulds . 

Pic is of te 15 - 15 Base # 3 .

rope crown fruit jar
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