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Michel Lefebvre & Co

                           The jar shown below has been a source of interest to us for many years.

It was made for the year 1887 for the brief period when this company owned their first coffee and spice mill.

Under the page for Alex Wills & Co,  information has been provided about the similar Alex Wills and Michel Lefebvre jars as well as the Bourgeau & Herron Trade Mills jar.

                  This page will be dedicated to the history of the company Michel Lefebvre & Co.

This company was started by Michel Lefebvre and continued on by his two sons Michel Theodule and Michel Theodore. They produced Vinegar and later in their history also made pickles and jam and owned a sugar factory .

Their vinegar manufactory was bought out by the Ozo Company Limited. 

In 1904, Theodore Lefebvre operated a coffee and spice mills under the name -Theodore Lefebvre & Co.

( see AD below)

I am currently putting together all the information on this company as it has an interesting history made all the more interesting by the products they produced.

I would appreciate any pictures of bottles, tins etc with their name on it.

I know of one pickle bottle embossed MICHEL LEFEBVRE VINEGAR WORKS MONTREAL on the base . It would have had a paper label.

They branded their jams and pickles under the name  - Lion--L--Brand - see what it may look like below.

Also any products marked Theodore Lefebvre & Co - coffee and spice would also be appreciated.

      Thank you!

             Coffee jar                                                                                                           picture of brand

lefebvre jar.jpg
AD Lion 1892 can grocer.jpg
1904 coffee theodore le prix courant ad.jpg
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