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While the Hybrid Crown quart doesn't give me any problems the little Tall Narrow or Flame Crown does.

Hybrid tall Quart . One mould only , a domed base plate almost identical to the NAGCo American Porcelain Lined . the color matches some of them . A deep green aqua. 
I feel certain this predated the Bulge Crowns , and was a test of the Hamilton trademark of 1880 on Crowns .
 This is in the same time frame as the Darling where the NAGCo made a single lined Darling Imp. Quart similar to the Hamilton engraving style .  So I'm sure both are made by North American Glass Co.

hybrid  crown quart

Tall Narrow Crown Pint . Two moulds in this group. 

  Mould # 1 . There are 8 pearls each side of the top of the Crown.
  Mould # 2 . There are 9 pearls each side of the top of the Crown.

The general shape of the Crown , the rectangle coming down from the cross on the pint and the bulge on the quart , the rectangle in the horizontal band , the letters of the word CROWN are almost the same as the Bulge Crown . All of this points to the same maker .
Here though I run into a problem , the mould is not like the EGCo or the NAGCo base plate. It is more like a Hamilton mould base . 
 Yet it comes in clear at the end of it's life like the EGCo pint and quart in clear. Hamilton at this early date made very few clear items . I have though a fixed globe GTR railroad lantern made by John Boxall with a clear Hamilton made globe. So at first Hamilton made clear glass.

In the end I am sure of the NAGCo testing the waters with the Crown on both jars , even making the pint in a mould like the Hamilton Glass used. They quickly dropped the Hybrid because of it's odd height and kept the pint as a limited production mould .   Soon they went to the Bulge Crown set . 
This bullet shape was used in the Bulge pint and in one of the EGCo pints and this Tall Narrow Crown pint as well , they are typical of the Montreal works.

On these hybrids I use the second lid shown in thee pic's.

The top one is often claimed to be a Hamilton lid it is not. It is an early NAGCo lid and progressed to become the later lid used by them. The early Hamilton lids had the embossing on the top of the lid till the Diamond Glass bought them out and they made Christian Crown lids and others on the underside of the lid. North American Glass had the embossing on the underside.

crown jar lid
crown jar lid
crown jar lid
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