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I do this set only because of an odd varient that I have two of.

The early jars in this set have the old style lightning seal with the neck band ( about 5/8ths inch). These come in pint and quart sizes.


The embossing is in 1/2 inch letters SAFETY above SEAL. It is low on the jar  (from the top of the F to base is , 2 & 3/16ths inches up on the pint and 3 & 3/16ths up on the quart).      


The pint comes without any way to tighten the bail wire. The quart though comes with and without the lumps that allow the bail to be tightened.

safety seal jar

The later Made in Canada jars come in pint , quart and half gallon.  They have the double beaded neck ( rather than the band ) lightning bail . The lower bead is quite rounded . The embossing style is very different from the early jars. It is higher on the jar , 2 & 5/8ths on the pint ,3 & 5/8ths on the quart and 4 & 1/4 inches on the half gallon.

safety seal jar

While an early book lists a half gallon in the early jar set  I have never seen or heard of one with the old band style neck The Red Book  ( #2536 )  lists Made In Canada with the band style neck I've never seen or heard of any.

Now the ODD JAR It is a half gallon without "Made in Canada" , double beaded neck syle ,the beads are very well formed , not rounded like the Made in Canada ones .  It is later production than the other jars yet it's embossing is like the early jars and is 3 & 9/16ths inches up from the base.      

   On all the others the Consumers logo ( C in a triangle ) is more or less centered on the base , on this jar it is offset from the center circle.       I'm not sure how many of these are out there but they are not described or listed elsewhere.         

safety seal jar

             Odd Jar is on the right .

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