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  Note the high arch on the bottom of the Bulge Crown emblem, it is very unlike the Ring Crown group .

  PINTS There are none


These jars come with base #'s 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , & 14 . While the base number is usually strong I'll give the pearls per side etc.
21 left 21 right . Base 10 
23 left 20 right . Base 11
25 left 23 right . Base 12 This mould always has no word CROWN
20 left 20 right . Base 13
22 left 21 right . Base 14

Pic is of base # 12 no word and base # 14 on right. It is a mystery why the base # 12 has no word,after a few jars were made they could easily have engraved the word Crown. It is possible that this was a jar for a customer who wanted a label below the Crown emblem.

ring crown fruit jar


First I'll deal with the jar that looks like a Ring Crown but is in truth a Bulge Crown with the orb plugged off .                         It is the second of the Bulge Crowns in my list .The Ring is 5/8ths of an inch across . There are  20 left 20 right .                   The word is 2 & 15/16ths inches across.   

Note large ring and the ring embossing is very heavy. 

ring crown fruit jar

These are the other 3 actual Ring half gallon moulds.

22 left 23 right . No base mark.  The word Crown is 3 & 5/16ths inches across. 
23 left 22 right . No base mark .The word Crown is 3 & 1/4 inches across.Later in the life of this mould it gets the Base # 11   all other features remain the same.
21 left 22 right . No base mark .  The word Crown is 3 & 7/16ths inches across.    Later it gets a Base # 18  


The pic is of the 21-22 no base mark.     

ring crown fruit jar
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