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There is NO COPYRIGHT on ( my - our ) information as we feel no one owns the history we uncover .

As I have been very ill for the last two years my wife has helped me to research the Canada Glass info. 

This site is to share info on some of my thoughts, brought together over the last 60 or 40 or 20 years, depending on when I count from .

I began collecting in 1956 with fossils , stamps , coins , birds eggs , minerals , anything that I found of interest. As time went I focused on glass and pottery , still with the others as sides. 

Like anyone, my understanding depended on what I read or found . So even 10 - 15 years ago, much of what I knew was flawed. Some articles and books were published to promote the author more than fact. 


Today it is no different. It is often that a few people at the top of a social group control the supposed facts, and that, with little understanding of their own.

Working together, we could greatly increase even the most difficult  lost history. I hope others interested in these subjects will contact me with pics of unusual items or information that would add to the work.

It is my hope that I get my jars completed ( the Crowns will be a undertaking ) and move to other topics.


It will take a while, as I am still in (I hope) recovery from health issues. 

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