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   Glass Bros & Co. London, Ont 


book middlsex county history 1.jpg
book middlsex county history 2.jpg

The above is from the book History of the county of  Middlesex, Canada- published by W.A. & C.L. Goodspeed publishers 1889

"glass bros & co"

The above picture is an 1889 ad  for Glass Bros & Co.

It is taken from the book - An Illustrated History of London by Orlo Miller 

                                           The following are a few ads from different years.

Note - the factory is referred to as the London Stoneware Pottery Works. The company name is Glass Bros & Co.

In some directory listings for 1888-1890-91 it is still listed in the original name of the London Crockery Manufacturing Co.

The ad below is from The Canadian Journal of commerce, finance and insurance review - April 26, 1889

glass bros & co london ontario

                                                            Ad below  - Canadian Grocer - July 1892

1892 can grocer - ad fruit jar -24.jpg

  Below -  1895 - 76th Anniversary: -Her Majesty's birthday May 24, 1895- Grand Military review London , Ont

glass bros & co london ontario

                                             Below ad- Canadian Grocer  - August 28, 1896

Glass bros & co london ontario

                      February 26, 1897 - The Canadian Journal of commerce, finance and insurance review

glass bros & co london ontario

                   This next section will be dedicated to pictures of products made by  Glass Bros & Co. 

                          The sealer jars will not be included here .They are in the Fruit Jar section - under Glass Bros & Co. 

                                            There are also  two other pages related to this company. 

The London Crockery Manufacturing Company -1886- 1887 and Glass Bros & Co as Manufacturing Agents 1897 -1903

If you have any pictures of a marked Glass Bros  & Co piece, I would appreciate if you could send us a picture.


                                            THE FIRST PICTURE IS OF A STONEWARE MOLDED RABBIT DOOR STOP..

The  Admin of the Facebook group Antique Canadian Pottery - Paul Slater - provided the research which identifies this piece as  Glass Bros & Co.

photo Jim Anderson Auction Catalogue for the Gerald and Marlene Fagan sale - October 2012

please note the initials should read W. H. A - (misprint- H. W. A.)

"glass bros & co"

              Paul Slater's research identified  the initials " W .H. A ." stand for William H. Allen.

He was the foreman for Glass Bros & Co.

Below pics are -

 1891 London/ Middlesex directory listing for William H. Allen and following is the 1891 Census for London/ Middlesex

"glass bros & co"
1891 census 2.jpg
1891 census clip william.jpg

William Henry Allen was born on July 19, 1861 in Quebec city. His father is  William Allen who is a Lance Sergeant in the 17th Regiment . His mother  is Julia Anne Mackie ( Mackay). 

In 1867, his father is stationed in St Johns, Quebec ( now called St Jean sur le Richelieu) and his brother Robert is born there.

By 1871, his father works for the Grand Trunk Railway in St Johns.( Census and birth record of brother John)

Although his family is listed in the 1881 Census , William Henry Allen is 20 years old and not included in the St Johns census.

However, he married Mary Patterson on October, 22 1883 in St Johns and on his wedding record his occupation is "Potter".

His daughters Ethel ( born July ,1884 ) and Lillian (December, 1886) are born in St Johns and his occupation is Potter.

( It is a possibility William was working for the St Johns Stone Chinaware Co. as his brother Robert in the 1881 census at age 14 was listed as working for " China Ware CO.")

The family then moves to London, Ontario and William  works for Glass Bros & Co.

 William's daughter Inez Drusilla(May 18, 1889 )is born in London. 

The 1891 Census and Directory listing discovered by Paul Slater  prove he was working for Glass Bros & Co and it is William Henry Allen's  initials on the base of the rabbit  door stop with the place name of London, Ontario.

William Henry Allen's time in London , Ontario may also have remained unknown if  this piece had not been identified. 

 In his obituary it makes no mention of his time in London, Ontario and says he has lived his entire life in St Johns.

March 6, 1936 -The Gazette 

"glass bros & co"

 There are a few errors in this obituary.

William Henry Allen was not born in St Johns, Quebec.

He was born in Quebec City.

He is registered at Chalmer's Church in Quebec city.

His brothers and sister Mary were all born in St Johns, Que.

( St Jean sur le Richelieu, Quebec )

He did not reside in St Johns for all of his life. 

He lived in London, Ontario from about 1888 until probably when Glass Bros & Co. closed in 1897.


His son Harold Philippe was born on June 18, 1894 in London, Ont.

There is a recorded death in London, Ont. for Henry Robert Allen who died 2 days after his birth in September 1894 .

He is most likely William Henry Allen  and Mary's son.

The baby's  second name Robert is William's brother's name. 


H.P Allen - Harold Philippe Allen

Mrs. L. D. Brown- Ethel

Mrs. William ( Bedoes)Beddoes -Lillian

Mrs. Joseph (Smith) Schmidt -Inez

In the 1901 Census , William Henry Allen is back in St Johns, Quebec. He is listed as occupation - Potter

In the 1911 Census , his occupation is a brick manufacturer.

The obituary states he has been working for Standard Clay Products for 37 years.

This would mean he started working for them  in 1899 . 

Standard Clay Products Ltd  existed from 1912- 1960's. Before them was Standard Drain Pipe Co. 1884-1912.

( This information from Two Centuries of Ceramics in the Richelieu Valley by Helen H. Lambert)

He did work in St John's as a Potter before Standard Clay Products Ltd yet it is not known for which potter.

William Henry Allen did spend most of his life in St John's , Quebec.

However, this rabbit door stop is from  the time period  he worked at Glass Bros & Co. in London, Ontario. 

Paul Slater's research  connected William Henry Allen 's (W. H. A.) initials and the place name of London, Ontario signed on the base .

                                  This unusual piece was made at the Glass Bros & Company  manufactory.


                                         The following pictures are of Glass Bros & Co marked mugs.

Both these pictures were posted on  Facebook - Antique Canadian Pottery

- on the left posted by Terry Matz                                and                                             on the right by Moe Johnson

"glass bros & co"
"glass bros & co"
terrymatz -2.jpg

                                       The following are 8 inch tall jugs with Glass Bros & Co - London  on Base

"glass bros & co"
jug writing.JPG

                                This picture is a merchant jug also based impressed with  Glass Bros & Co - London. 

- posted by John Knight on Facebook- Antique Canadian Pottery

knight john.jpg
base knight.jpg

                                         This picture is a  9 1/2 inch merchant jug  stamped on the back side.

"glass bros & co"

                                                   Another example - photo J. Dufresne

glass bros & co london ontario
glass bros & co london ontario

                                        Couple different variations of stamped ginger beer bottles ( one with it's closure )

The picture on the left is from Maple Leaf Auctions - Scott Wallace - 2019 Spring

277614330_379836907371202_223290509336774640_n (1).jpg

                                   The following are pieces of stoneware impressed Glass Bros & Co - London, Ontario

These pictures - Scott Wallace -on right  from Facebook post- Antique Canadian Pottery and on left Maple Leaf Auctions

"glass bros & co"
maple spring 2020.jpg
"glass bros & co"
scott -2.jpg

                                       Picture from Facebook group - Antique Canadian Pottery


                                         Stoneware with a stenciled mark for Glass Bros & Co

picture is from Go To Auctions sale 2017

glass bros & co

  Another form - a jug - with the same stenciled lettering  - picture Antique Canadian Pottery group Facebook

richard c nowell FB.jpg

           The following picture is taken from the book Early Ontario Potters  by David L. Newlands

      It is a 5 gallon jug with Glass Bros & Co London , Ont - ( not just the initials)


                                                    A different variations - squares and circles form the letter "G"

Pic on left - Facebook group - Antique Canadian Pottery -             on right photo Tim Saunders 

                                                                               Note the merchant J C Barrow - Blytheswood, Ont is upside down

Richard Nowell FB.jpg
Tim Saunders.jpg

 I would like to add more items to this page .Please send pictures of  different Glass Bros & Co. made products .

                                                                                                     Thank you

                              The following is from the book- London and its men of affairs- 1916

It gives some information on Samuel Frank Glass and his career.- note they refer to the London Crockery Co from -1886-1897.

This of course covers the time period of Glass Bros & Co.

glass bros & co london ontario
glass bros & Co London Ontario
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